Investing in your health begins by learning how to give your body the attention it deserves to be well.

Alive Wellness is built upon the truth that for thousands of years various cultures around the world have found happiness and longevity in life through finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Do you suffer from sleep problems, unexplained fatigue, weight management, frequent headaches, brain fog, stress management, digestive issues, food intolerance / sensitivities or allergies, immune and inflammation imbalances, or diabetes? These are just a few common ailments we have all come to accept as standard complaints that leave us depleted and frustrated. We will guide you through all aspects of life, including nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional intelligence. We will demonstrate how each of these elements interact with the food put into the body, and how to create balance in your life.

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Food is energy, nourishing our bodies to give us life. It affects every cell in our body but is not the only factor for feeling happy, energized and healthy.

We are a generation in a continued state of stress, otherwise known as “fight or flight”, never “resting and digesting”. Instead of seeking out the “why” of a symptom, conventional medicine and busy individuals look to “band-aid” many issues wanting quick fixes which never get to the root cause. Symptoms continue to pile on and the journey to wellness feels more and more unobtainable. Many common symptoms can be eliminated, or at the very least improved, by getting to the cause – using the principle that wellness comes from within. We’ll teach you how.

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